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John Mirmanesh, , MD

John Mirmanesh MD

Specialty: Pediatrics

Dr. John C. Mirmanesh is a board certified pediatrician who is delighted to be practicing medicine with his father, Dr. Jay Mirmanesh.

The younger Dr. Mirmanesh returns to his roots in South Jersey after completing his pediatric residency at the Herman and Walter Samuelson Children’s Hospital at Sinai in Baltimore, MD. During his residency, Dr. Mirmanesh did extensive research in gastroenterology and headed a study that developed a protocol for appropriate bowel prep in children prior to colonoscopy. He had the honor of presenting this work at the National Gastroenterology Conference.

Dr. John C. Mirmanesh enjoys the challenges that practicing medicine brings and takes pleasure on being there for his patients whether the ailment is regarded as simple or complex. He takes pride in involving the entire family in the medical discussion/plan and looks at the doctor-patient relationship as most important.

Dr. John C. Mirmanesh in his leadership position is pursuing many new and innovative programs to further the wide-ranging aspects of the practice.

In 2014, Dr. Mirmanesh started a comprehensive nutritional program tailored for patients from adolescence to adulthood: Drs. J & M Healthy Lifestyle. This program is aimed at providing a multidisciplinary approach to nutrition, weight loss, and overall health.

Most recently, he has embarked on a new in-house Acne Care Clinic that incorporates traditional approaches with advanced medical spa treatments, such as water based microdermabrasion, laser phototherapy, and chemical peels. This multi-faceted approach treats acne, prevents permanent scarring, and promotes healthy skin.

Along with the above mentioned, Dr. Mirmanesh also has special interests in asthma, and sports medicine/concussion.

He resides in South Jersey with his wife and young son, whom he hopes to instill the work ethic and love for medicine that his father, Dr. Jay Mirmanesh instilled in him.